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Informações sobre a indústria

A precision CNC press-fitting device with force displacement detection data storage



Automotive shock absorber assembly, precision bearings, bushings, automotive parts, water pumps, turbochargers, gearboxes, gears, car chassis parts, rear axles, sub-frame liners, etc.


In the press-in process of the product, the current press-fitting position and press-fitting force are displayed in real time, and it is timely and accurately judged whether the size of the interference is appropriate, and the press-fit curve of the entire force and displacement is displayed at the same time, which solves the tradition well. Presses can only be pressed into the undetectable, universal test machine can not be low-production efficiency of the shortcomings; the overall structure of the equipment through the enhanced design, rigidity far exceeds the general standard of the general press, to take the overall dust-proof design.

The main function:

1. Provide 30-250KN settable press force (set directly on the man-machine)

2. The upper and lower limits of the force of the interference force are compared by taking five points during the press-in process.

3. Interference data storage, and can be exported to a personal computer and opened in a tabular format for easy inquiry.

4. With 9999999 sets of storable press-fit parameters for easy use of different molds.

5. The press-fit curve of force and displacement pressure is displayed in real time.

6. The current pressing position is displayed in real time with 0.01MM repeat display accuracy.

7. The upper and lower limits of the final press-fitting position can be compared. It can be detected that the parts missing or misplaced and other reasons are not assembled in place.

8. Can be arbitrarily set on the man-machine hydraulic cylinder lift stop position, deceleration position, down safety position.

9. With two-color alarm indicator, and with a buzzer.

Software features:

1. The equipment output can be set and displayed in real time with the accuracy reaching the decimal point. The safety of the fixture is ensured, the reliability of the press-fitting is further improved, and the power loss is advantageously reduced. Provides a reference for the pressure in the part.

2. Real-time display of the current position of the cylinder (increase the value by raising the cylinder to top dead center at zero point)

3. Optional device action (prepared in advance required for a variety of mold movements, and then touch screen directly transferred to use), provides a convenient fixture for the cylinder, without additional programming, you can carry out related to the external cylinder control.

4. The upper and lower limit of the interference force can be compared with the interference section (ie, the tightness test of the assembly)

5. Press-fit in place detection (can detect whether the part is pressed into the desired position) to compare the upper and lower limit of the final dead-end position of the final press-in of the part. If multiple gaskets are mistakenly loaded during assembly, it can be detected that they have not been pressed into position.)

6. Can set the corresponding upper and lower limit stop position, deceleration position, safety protection position, and pressure holding time of the cylinder.

7. Can make corresponding text prompts to the alarm issued by the device.

8. The force-displacement press-fit curves can be plotted.

9. You can view the history of the interference data, stiffness data, and in-place data. The size of the record is determined by the size of the U disk, and can be opened by the computer using the EXCEL software.

10 can store 10 sets of commonly used setting parameters, the operator can use just press the tune, limiting the operator to modify parameters at will

11. Password change can be made to the administrator user operator user, and the device's automatic downtime can also be set

A precision CNC press-fitting device with force displacement detection data storage

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